15 Unexpected Uses For Your Microwave

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4. Recrisp Potato Chips

Did someone leave the bag of chips open? Before you attempt to strangle them, place some potato chips on a paper towel and nuke them briefly. This will crisp them right up.

5. Disinfect a Cutting Board

Rub each side of your cutting board with a slice of lemon. Stick it in your microwave for one minute on a medium setting to disinfect.

6. Prevent Microwave Splatter

Foods that have a thick skin tend to explode in our microwaves. The workaround for this is to pierce the skin of things like potatoes, squash, and tomatoes before you put them in the microwave so that the steam escapes from them.

7. Steam Clean Your Microwave

All out of elbow grease? You can squeeze two lemon halves into a bowl of water then drop them in the bowl. Place your bowl in your microwave for five minutes on medium heat. You should easily be able to wipe away all the gunk on in your microwave after you take the bowl out.

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