18 Clever Ways to Use Witch Hazel You Probably Wouldn’t Think Of

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4. Treat shaving nicks and cuts

Witch hazel soothes skin irritation caused by shaving and tightens the pores. Using witch hazel immediately after shaving can prevent the little red bumps that sometimes pop up after shaving. Additionally, it also will make your skin less oily.

5. Soothe a sore throat

Witch hazel is believed to help those suffering from a sore throat by reducing swelling, decreasing pain, and drying the excess mucus.

Add one tsp of witch hazel to about 250 ml of water and bring it to a boil. Using this mixtureas a mouthwash will provide relief to those suffering from a sore throat.

6. Uplift mood

Mix witch hazel with essential oils of your liking (peppermint, for example) to create a fragrance that will not only smell great but will improve your mood, as well. You can also apply this concoction to your bedding, furniture, and clothes. It will help you wake up fresh and full of positive energy.

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