22 Psychology Tips That Can Make Anyone a Conversation Guru

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Not all of us feel skillful in holding conversations but there are many psychological tricks and tips that can help you start a dialogue and draw others around you. These hacks are used by both psychologists and simple people in their everyday lives.  cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Justkooki.com found 22 psychological tricks for you that really work. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

  • If you don’t know what to talk about, let your conversation partner tell you about themselves. Use active listening: nod, ask open and clarifying questions, show your empathy if the moment is sad and smile if your partner is saying something funny.
  • In order to make contact with a person, try synchronizing your breath with the breath of your conversation partner.
  • Usually this trick is used by psychologists, but the question “Did I understand you correctly that…?” can be useful for any person. It will make your conversation partner realize that they were listened to carefully and they will be able to assess themselves more critically.
  • This piece of advice is not very ethical, but it’s effective: If you want to feel more confident among others, imagine that you are a king or queen and the others are your servants. Don’t overplay.
  • In order to stop feeling uncomfortable at an event or a party, arrive there a little earlier. It will give you time to choose a comfortable place and to get used to the environment or people. Additionally, people that are late usually get more attention than those who arrived on time or earlier.

  • If you need to collect your thoughts urgently and give a speech, but you don’t feel confident, say to yourself, “I think I….” and describe the emotions and worries that you are feeling. This will allow you to abstract and look at yourself from the side.
  • If you know that someone wants to criticize you or your ideas at a work meeting, sit next to them. It will calm this person down a little.
  • Don’t place any bags, books, or other things between you and your conversation partner if you are sitting at one table. If you have something and you don’t know where to place it, hold it with one hand. If you hold it with both hands, it will give the impression of a closed pose.
  • To make your thought sound weighty, say that you heard it from parents or teachers.
  • If you are quarreling with a conversation partner, don’t stand opposite to them, but instead stand next to them — it will help decrease the degree of drama.
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