26 simple yet wonderful ideas for your interior

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You don’t have to spend lots of money to make your house cozy and stylish — you just need some ordinary household utensils, a little imagination, and a desire to change something. And, of course, you can always take a look at what Just Kooki shares with you from time to time!

So what can we do to turn our apartment into a real nest without great expenses? cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use ribbons instead of rings and pegs

Redesign your windows with colorful ribbons, like this. It looks fresh, airy, and imaginative.  cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Upgrade your drapes with an edge lining

You can change the way your drapes look without buying new ones by adding an interesting edge lining. You can stick a ribbon with pompoms on it (like this) or sew a decorative piping with an ornament (guide here). There are lots of options to suit anyone’s taste.

3. Handmade decoration for plant pots

If you freshen up your windows, why not do the same for the flowerpots on your window sills? Herehere, and here are a few samples of what you can easily do. All you need are a couple of single-tone pots, a bit of paint, and your imagination.  cool stuff, cool stuff

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