3 Reasons Children Lose Creativity As They Grow Up

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The factor that affects team productivity and creativity is the ability to conduct constructive conflict. In turn, three other factors that affect that ability, which are strong in children, and disappears when they reach adulthood and the work environment.

Natural selection

For a team to be creative, members must get along. This cannot be forced by management, and if it is–it doesn’t work. Instead, they have to share values, act in fairness, and believe that others on the team are competent. Children are very quick to realize that a member of the team is not right for the team, or that they don’t belong in that team themselves. Without much fanfare, they separate from the team. For adults, however, it’s not that simple. In companies, only the human resource department or the ranking manager would have the authority to remove a member from the team, and typically they are bound by fear of discrimination or any other employment lawsuits that might result. It is not much different in volunteer organizations or clubs. As a result, teams might include members that don’t get along, don’t complement each other, don’t include the right diversity (except demographic one, mostly focused on affirmative action), or don’t trust each other. And that hurts their creativity, as without trust they cannot conduct constructive conflict. 

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