5 Exercises to Get a V-Line Shape Girls Go Crazy Over

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If you are tired of exhausting your body at the gym without seeing any results, then this article is for you. But you should remember, that some people are more genetically predisposed and, for them, the process is shorter and easier.

Just Kooki found 5 exercises that can help you get a perfect V-Cut. And there’s an impressive bonus at the end of the article. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Before you start training

First of all, lower your body fat. You would be wasting your time and effort by doing the same exercises if you are not lean. And, in this case, there is only one secret: you must eat fewer calories than you burn. Nothing more. And yes, it is not easy.

Second, sleep more. Studies have proven that the more you sleep, the more of the growth hormone is released. Exactly this hormone is what you need to get a perfect body and to control your fat level. So it’s better not to stay up too late at night in front of your computer or TV.

After you have prepared your body, it’s time to work out. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Hanging leg raises

Raise your legs until your thighs make a 90° angle. Knees should be bent a bit. Stay in this position for a second and then lower your legs.

You can repeat this exercise 3 times (10-20 reps) or until you feel the burn. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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