5 Things I Always Do to Make Work-Life Balance Possible

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Shibani and daughter

I am neither the exception nor the rule; I’m just a mom trying to be my best self at work and at home. The challenge: being fully present for both. As a mom to a vivacious toddler and as a passionate brand marketer leading the Pepperidge Farm cookies team, I have worked hard to define my own world. I have been relying on these few tips in my roles as a mother, coworker, wife and daughter.

1. Live in the moment.

As moms, we all know the fundamental importance of being present. But when you are stretched, exhausted and have a constant mental to-do list going, it can be challenging to be in the moment. I realized having a cue or a tool to help bridge the now with all the noise in the background can go a long way. For my daughter Anica and I, those moments involve singing! Sometimes this mother-daughter duo is a pair of Adele wannabes singing to the tunes of Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and Do Re Mi. Our concert hall is the car or the diaper station and sometimes the bath. We have even tried to add a twist with some dance moves, and might I add it’s pretty ridiculous and hilarious. My husband has been collecting some serious evidence to embarrass me, recording our antics.

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