5 Tips For Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely

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2. Engage In Mindfulness. 

Work can create undue amounts of stress and anxiety, so it’s important to have a practice to counterbalance these effects. Bonneville recommends doing yoga, which can help you alleviate stress and cultivate serenity. “Yoga is really about accessing your mind and the potential within it. My yoga might be somebody else’s trapeze or burlesque dancing,” Bonneville says. Aim to find a practice that both soothes and sharpens your mind in order to complement your work.

3. Choose To Co-Work. 

According to psychologists, one of the greatest risk factors for depression is loneliness. Unfortunately for many of us, our day-to-day lives don’t optimize towards social interaction and our direct face-to-face contact with friends is minimal. Studiesshow social media use has its opposite intended effect, making us feel more isolated.

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to set aside deliberate time for engaging with friends beyond the screen. Better yet, structure your life in such a way that face time with friends is built-in. Momentom Collective’s members live and cowork together in a communal space, so social time is integral to their day-to-day. “The idea was to create a network of residencies where people who want to travel will be able to hop around, still have that lifestyle design of aerial and yoga, and be able to meet different people around the world, Bonneville says.

4. Make Movement A Daily Habit. 

One of the Momentom Collective’s core philosophies is self-expression through movement. Bonneville says, “If you’re finding you’re living this dull existence, find a way to express yourself and observe yourself in one breath.” Daily movement can provide a number of mental benefits (in addition to obvious physical benefits), including improved mental focus, memory, cognitive flexibility, and academic performance, which makes it a great accessory to work.

5. Take Advantage Of World Travel. 

There’s a reason the Momentom Collective has chosen Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Bali as destinations for their residencies—they provide a way to get in touch with nature’s beauty and the experience the world’s cultural diversity.

Seeing new parts of the world can infuse your life with more rich experiences to supplement the potential “dryness” of work. Similarly, learning new things can help shake up an old routine. The Momentom Collective hosts multiple workshops each day for its members, with member-contributed content ranging from tips to succeed in entrepreneurship to lessons in aerial arts. “You have to take a leap from outside your current environment,” Bonneville says.

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