5 Ways Millennials Are Redefining Work-Life Balance

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Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, and living in a global economy have forced Millennials to trade work-life balance for work-life harmony.

The blending of work and life has never been more apparent than in today’s always-connected and always-on culture.

Growing up in a hyper-connected world, where a smart device has never been outside of arm’s reach, has forced Millennials to rethink and redefine work-life balance.

How Millennials View Work-Life Balance

1. Long-term

Millennials aren’t driven by the thought of working hard for the next 40 years and then retiring. Rather, they are driven by the idea of building a life and career that can withstand the continuous reinventions and pivots that their long-term careers in the 21st century will require.

2. Integrated

Millennials are more interested in leveraging today’s tech to integrate work and life versus just balancing them. The term “work-life balance” implies that work is separate from life, but in reality, it’s all life. Forcing people to put work and life into separate boxes that never overlap is unrealistic in today’s always-on world.

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