5 Ways to Find a Real Work / Life Balance

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Finding a work / life balance was difficult BEFORE having a child. Now the word “balance” elicits a chuckle that quite often turns into a literal LOL. How is it possible to balance work, kids, your partner, housework, the never-ending to-do list, and find time to keep your sanity intact? Here are the 5 ways I keep myself somewhat sane.

Figure out what fills your cup

This step is required before you move onto the next. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup, you must figure out what truly fills up your soul. I know a lot of moms (myself included) that zone out on Facebook or binge watch Netflix while the kiddos are sleeping. This can be okay short-term, but if I’m being honest, I personally don’t feel energized afterwards. Now if I were to watch a TED talk, read a good book, or listen to a podcast, BAM! My cup is filled. Everyone is different. Take the time to figure out your favorite self-care routine.

Proper diet

You can only run on caffeine and sugar for so long before your body breaks down. If you feed your body junk, you will feel junky! Adding in healthy foods, increasing your protein intake, and drinking half your body weight in water will make a night and day difference in your energy levels.

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