5 Ways to Support Creative Strengths and Have Fun Doing It

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We live in a fix-it world and like homing pigeons we are trained to return to roost in a view of what’s wrong. Creative strengths spotting (get the free tool here!) is all about finding what’s good about people and drawing it out.

Is it naive to focus on strengths? No way, especially within the framework of the science of creativity. Creative strengths are actionable cognitive capacities that can help us solve problems and overcome weaknesses once we know how to use them. But if we get stuck defining ourselves on the basis of weakness, we lose our power and often our hope.

In this world it takes work to go against the tendency to home in on weakness, but it becomes easier as we train our minds to adopt a strengths mindset. It’s also an opportunity to have fun and bring more joy to our own and others’ lives. Follow these five tips to get to know creative strengths and support them.

1. Know the creative strengths

Everybody has their own constellation of creative strengths. That’s a given. All you need to know is what to look for. We created the Creative Strengths Spotter Tool to make it easy and visual. Use the tool to help spot strengths in your employees, students, kids, and co-workers. Especially use it to spot strengths in people who frustrate you or drive you crazy. The results will probably surprise you. 

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