5 Weird Signs You’re More Creative Than Average

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Everyone wants to be creative, and why not? Who wouldn’t want to dream up a world-changing business idea, best-selling novel, or hit pop song. But here’s a more difficult question for you: would you like to live day to day life as a highly creative person?

While the fruits of creativity are lucrative, glamorous, and easy to crave, but a growing body of science testifies to the fact that living breathing creative talents are sometimes harder to love. According to a host of new studies outlined in a recent PsyBlog post and elsewhere, dreamers who come up with great ideas often also display some less than initially endearing qualities.

Here’s a rundown of characteristics and behaviors that might annoy your boss, your friends, or even you yourself at first, but which are closely linked with creativity.

1. You’re sarcastic

Yeah sure, sarcasm is great for your career. Everyone just loves a sharp tongued smart aleck. But wait, I’m not actually being sarcastic here. Studies show that sarcasm is a sign of intelligence as well as creativity, and can be a good predictor of career success.

What’s more “researchers have discovered that sarcasm can actually cause creativity, rather than just being its byproduct,” PsyBlog reports. So go ahead, snipe away.

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