6 CrossFit Moves That Will Make You a Better Spartan

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Why consider building 6 CrossFit moves into your training? For one, Spartan and CrossFit are kissing cousins. If you’re a dedicated in a CrossFit box, chances are you’ll be a kick-ass Spartan—with a little added endurance work, perhaps. exercise, workout, lifestyle, weight loss, diet, nutrition, healthy eating

“CrossFit pulls most forms of exercise together—dumbbells, barbells, rowing, running, gymnastics,” says Andrew Yaun, Ph.D., a Spartan SGX instructor and obstacle specialist and CrossFit-certified trainer based in Fairfield, Connecticut. “Because of this, a CrossFitter will have solid general strength and will be better prepared for most of the obstacles in a Spartan Race.” (Most. Not necessarily all.)

During a typical week of WODs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit upon most of these 6 CrossFit moves. Each will improve your racing performance and make you the master of all obstacles.

Missing a few in your programming rotation? Do the suggested mini-WOD, either as a stand-alone workout or after training to burn off the rest of your gas and ratchet up those Spartan skills.

Exercise 1: Rope Climb

Spartan races have lots of ropes—some you climb straight up, some you traverse horizontally, some you pull. Practicing rope climbs improves total upper-body power, allowing you to maneuver your own bodyweight better and faster, says Yaun. They will also develops grip strength, which is key for nearly all Spartan obstacles.

Mini-WOD  exercise, workout, lifestyle, weight loss, diet, nutrition, healthy eating

6-minute EMOM: alternate between these two moves, starting at the top of every minute

– Minute 1: 30-second Airdyne bike sprint

– Minute 2: As many rope climbs as you can do in a minute

Exercise 2: Deadlift

Having a strong posterior chain is imperative for powering up hills with speed, as well as for lifting and transporting objects up, over, and through obstacles. Deadlifts also forge a back of steel, which comes in handy during a brutal uphill Bucket Brigade and for doing tire flips, says Yaun.

Mini-WOD exercise, workout, lifestyle, weight loss, diet, nutrition, healthy eating

Do three rounds as quickly as possible without rest.

– 10 touch-and-go deadlifts

– 8 wall balls

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