6 CrossFit Moves That Will Make You a Better Spartan

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Exercise 3: Farmer’s Carry

Picking something up and lugging it from point A to point B is one of the most primal human movement patterns. And though you might curse them at the time, carries train you for obstacles like the Bucket Brigade and the Atlas Stone Carry—two of the most sinister obstacles on the Spartan course.


Alternate between these two exercises, without resting, for 10 minutes.

– 200-meter kettlebell farmer’s carry

– 10 burpees

Exercise 4: Toes to Bar

To get over walls, climb ropes, and kick the bell on certain obstacles, your core must be strong enough to lift your feet over your head quickly. Toes-to-bar is perfect for that. It also develops vice-like grip strength for the Hercules Hoist, all species of monkey bars, and even the Bucket Brigade, which will set your forearms on fire, says Yaun.


Alternate between these two exercises, without resting, for 8 minutes. Do them as an ascending ladder—start with one rep and then add a rep on every round.

– Toes to bar

– Burpee

Exercise 5: Burpee

There are no shortcuts. “Making yourself burpee-proof is important in case you miss an obstacle,” says Yaun. (Damn that Spear Throw!) Regularly kissing the dirt for 30 properly executed reps should be a staple in your training. Burpees also train your body to work as a whole, improving agility and coordination.


10-minute EMOM: alternate between these two moves, starting at the top of every minute

– Minute 1: 10 burpees

– Minute 2: 30 double-unders

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