6 CrossFit Moves That Will Make You a Better Spartan

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Exercise 6: Box Jump

Plyometric moves like box jumps train explosive power, which you need to leap over things like the Fire Jump, climb walls, and vault over hurdles. Developing your hops also improves ankle stability, says Yaun, and improves agility and reactivity—all necessary evils when navigating the notoriously uneven Spartan terrain.


Alternate between these three exercises, without resting. Do them as an ascending ladder—start with one rep, add a rep with every round, and stop after seven.

– Box jump

– Pullup

– Pushup

Bonus: One Spartan Move That Will Make You a Better CrossFitter

“The most important thing lacking in a CrossFitter’s program—if he or she wants to race Spartan—is elevation and mountain training,” says Yaun, who competed in the 2010 CrossFit Games.

No access to the Andes? No problem. Endurance and incline work on a treadmill can work in a pinch.

“Perform skills under fatigue, such as doing 30 burpees then a rope climb,” says Yaun. “And train outside—regardless of the weather.” Becoming impervious to the elements is key on race day, which can throw sleet, torrential rain or blazing heat at you, depending on the season and location.

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