7 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Balancing Your Work and Home Life

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It’s a constant push and pull – working enough to accomplish what you need to push yourself forward but being there for your family and friends. But also, for yourself.

Home life is extremely important and finding the time to unwind and enjoy life’s simple pleasures can, in turn, make you more productive at your job. You are constantly learning about how to best balance the two, and there may be some tough times along the way where you gave too much to work and not enough to life, or the other way around.

In an effort to find that perfect balance, I asked some accomplished business-people about their challenges with balancing Work and Life:

Tommy Linstroth – Green Badger


The work/life balance is critical, especially the older you get. If I had started Green Badger when I was 25, it would look a lot different than it did when I was 35. Making time to be with my children and everything they have going on is extremely important and has to make up for all the nights I’m on the road! Fortunately, being an entrepreneur lets me pick my girls up at 3 on Friday – because I have the flexibility of working at 10 PM that night. You’ve got to find the right balance, but being an entrepreneur offers you the opportunity to find time for what’s important when it is important.”

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