7 Life Hacks That’ll Make Taking Out The Trash More Bearable

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4. Rehab A Dresser Into A Hidden Trash Can Storage Unit.

Turn an old, unused dresser into a storage place for your trash can.

You can transform an old dresser into a hidden garbage can storage unit. This is a a great way to keep your trash can out of plain sight.

5. Place A Dryer Sheet At The Bottom Of Your Can To Keep It Smelling Fresh. 

Place a few dryer sheets under your trash can liner to keep it smelling fresh.

Dryer sheets work wonderfully to deodorize bad smells, so to keep your trash can smelling great all the time place a 1-2 sheets at the bottom of your trash can under the liner. Make sure to replace every time you take out the trash!

6. Drill Holes Near The Base Of Your Trash To Release Suction.

Drill holes in your trash can to make it easier to take out by preventing suction.

Taking out the trash can be annoying when the bag gets stuck when trying to pull it out of the can. You can simply drill 3-4 holes about 2 inches from the bottom to release suction and make it easier to remove a full trash bag on trash day.

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