7 Shocking And Weird Habits Of Bollywood Celebrities

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4. Ayushmann Khurrana

We all brush our teeth twice a day. At least we try to. Heart-throb Ayushmann on the other hand loves to brush his teeth. He enjoys brushing as often as he can. Always ready for some romance, eh? Fresh breath and all that!

5. John Abraham

The handsome hunk too makes it to this list for another habit that’s actually quite common. John has the annoying habit of constantly shaking his leg, irrespective of where he is. An act that irritates people around him, in John’s case it just cannot stop.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

This one is actually pretty sweet…Big B wears two wrist watches at once. Why? So every time Abhishek or Aishwarya are travelling, one watch is set to Indian Standard time and the other one is set as per their time zone. Aww!

7. Sushmita Sen

We don’t quite know how we feel about this one…The gorgeous Sushmita Sen’s terrace boasts of a bathtub. Why? ‘Cuz she really enjoys taking showers in the open as opposed to within the enclosed space of a bathroom. Eh?

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