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7 Ways to Balance Work and Travel While On the Road

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The concept of working from anywhere in the world, often referred to as digital nomadism, is on the rise. More staffers are looking to break free from the office cubicle, and more companies are opening up to the idea of employees working remotely. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi, and you can work from virtually anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, working while traveling can be more difficult than it seems.

Unsuitable working environments, poor internet connections, and disorganization are the downfall of many a remote worker. If you’re not careful, trying to balance work and travel while you’re on the road can become an almighty juggling act resulting in you doing neither one effectively. But don’t despair, it is possible to get the mix just right to allow you to be a productive worker and intrepid traveler at the same time.

1. Organize your day planner

Many people confuse having a to-do list with all of their daily tasks as having an organized day planner, but they’re two separate things. A to-do list doesn’t have time frames on it and it can end up being an overwhelming reminder of how much you have to do. An organized day planner will break your to-do list down into manageable chunks with set times in which to complete those tasks.

Allocate each task a certain amount of time, and adjust if necessary. You can then also move these blocks around if something crops up that you don’t want to miss. You can either manage your days with a handwritten planner or digitally using a task management app.

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