7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity When Stuck With Your Design Project

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2) Get out in the world and get your legs moving

You have probably tried that yourself, and it seems there is scientific evidence to support it. Exercising and preferably regular exercising, four times a week at least, makes you more creative. Jogging, cycling, aerobics, or any form of exercise you prefer will not just keep you fit but will, also, raise your creative potential. Scientific tests have also, proven that you are possibly most creative right after exercising. Many creative figures have claimed that they get their best ideas while exercising, so why not try? And better take your jogging tours out there in the open air, surrounded by all sorts of people, moving around and providing the perfect distraction, or surrounded by nature’s relaxing green and the sky’s clear blue; colors which are thought to be creativity boosters themselves.

3) Squeeze a softball with your left hand

There is another tested technique which might give you the needed push. You know the theory of “right-brained is creative and left-brained is logical”? Combine it with the scientific fact that the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and you might get the idea. Squeezing a ball with your left hand hard enough for about a minute could, possibly, activate you right-hemisphere and enhance your divergent thinking. However, further research has shown that the ball shouldn’t be hard but soft and malleable enough like gel balls, for example, or you might get the opposite effect

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