7 Women’s Secrets for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

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Summer is in full swing. You’re planning a vacation and trying on a swimsuit, and suddenly you notice the hateful “orange peel.” Good news: cellulite is not a defect at all. 90% of women have it, but it’s almost unnoticeable in some of them due to the specificities of body structure. More news: you cannot completely get rid of cellulite, but it’s possible to make it almost invisible. So how can we make our skin smooth and fit?

Justkooki.com collected the most simple and effective tips. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

7. Healthy eating

A common myth: if you lose weight, cellulite will disappear. This is not true. The fight against cellulite begins with proper nutrition. Things your diet should include:

  • protein (meat, legumes, nuts); cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff
  • lecithin (eggs, tomatoes, spinach, soybeans);
  • fatty acids (fish, olives, avocados, nuts);
  • fat-burning fruits and vegetables (grapefruit).

6. Water

The best drink for a fit body is common clean water. Nutritionists recommend drinking 1.5-2 L (50-66.6 fl oz), not counting tea, coffee, and other drinks.

5. Physical exercises

If you consume more calories than you can burn, you’ll get extra fat that affects the appearance of cellulite. Physical exercises will help you burn excess calories and get a fit body. In this case, sit-ups, rope jumps, running, and aerobics are more effective than barbells and dumbbells.

4. Massage

  • Both self-massage with special brushes and cups and a professional service are effective.
  • In massage salons and clinics, massage is done with special equipment that destroys accumulated layers of subcutaneous fat and improves metabolism.
  • Massage with essential oils is even more effective, as they penetrate the epidermis, burning fat and eliminating stagnation of lymph.
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