7 Women’s Secrets for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

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3. Scrubs

Anti-cellulite creams don’t bring desirable effects, but scrubs remove the keratinized layer of the skinimprove blood circulation, and speed up metabolic processes.

  • A ground coffee scrub makes skin fit and smooth, and cellulite — less noticeable.
  • A sea salt scrub will draw the excess moisture out of the cellulite zone.

2. Contrast shower

  • A contrast shower improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
  • The pressure of water streams will eliminate stagnations. Lymph will intensively cleanse the skin and subcutaneous layers.
  • Direct the water jet to the problem area from a distance of 10 cm (3.9″), and massage the problem areas: buttocks area — with circular movements, legs — top-down movements for the front part and bottom-up for the back part.

1. Sauna

  • The high temperatures of a sauna increase blood and lymph flows, due to which skin becomes smooth and fit, restoring its elasticity.
  • A sauna opens sweat glands, through which toxins leave the skin, cleaning it of fatty stagnation.
  • Just one visit to a sauna a week will smooth up the subcutaneous fat layer.
  • Anti-cellulite wraps with special oils or curative mud will also help.

P. S. These cellulite-fighting methods will bring visible results only when they are all used together. One chosen method may not be effective enough.

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