8 Amazing Asian Life Hacks You Need to Know

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3. Unclump Using Rice

Life hacks shared by an Asian family.

Have you ever gone to use a shaker (for salt, pepper, cocoa, ect.) and found that the powdery substance is getting clogged up? For some reason, the particles can’t make it through the shaker and it’s making seasoning a pain in the neck for you.

Well, this easy Asian life hack will fix that! Unscrew the top of your shaker and pour in some uncooked rice; this will help break up the particles and get them out of the container much easier. You’ve probably seen this hack used in restaurants or in people’s homes, so you KNOW it works well!

For the rest of this life hacks, make sure to check out Mia’s video below! And a big shout out to her and her family for letting us in on these amazing life hacks.

What do you think of these hacks? Does your family have any tips that they’ve passed down? Share your thoughts and you own hacks (only with your family’s permission!) in the comments section below.

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