8 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self

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4. Eye shape

You can tell by someone’s eyes whether they feel happy, sad, emotional, or angry but what you can’t tell by looking at them directly is what personality traits they have. For thousands of years, face-reading experts believed that the shape of your eyes can accurately show the hidden qualities of someone’s character due to the bone structure of the skull.

  • People with wide eyes tend to be more expressive and emotional in their personal life. They are very detail-oriented and like to be very cautious, in general.
  • Individuals with big eyes tend to be open-minded, intelligent, and friendly.
  • When someone’s eyes are small and wide, it means that they are introverted perfectionists.
  • People with deep-set eyes tend to be mysterious, observant, and intense.
  • Almond-shaped eyes convey passion and romance while people with close-set eyes tend to be intense and persistent individuals.

5. Lips

Not only do our lips have their own unique print just like our fingers, but they also reveal quite a lot about our personality traits to those who know how to read them. Author Jean Haner, an expert in face reading, found that your lips affect your personality and the way you feel toward others and how you behave. Lips show your emotional side and how you act in your personal relationships!

  • People with medium size lips that have no exaggerated features tend to be independent in their relationships, appreciate affection, but dislike drama.
  • While people with larger lips tend to be very nurturing toward others and put everyone’s needs first.
  • People who have wide lips tend to be generous and outgoing and they like catering to their loved one’s needs.
  • People with thin lips are known to be more competitive and loners. They sometimes prefer to be alone rather than spend time with other people, but they also like to be recognized by their loved ones for their strong personality traits.

6. Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones are considered to be one of the most attractive features on a person’s face. However, people with thick cheekbones and wide faces tend to have higher levels of testosterone. According to a study published in Science Direct, individuals with larger cheekbones and higher levels of testosterone had more aggressive personalities and they are more likely to become violent. In addition, people with high cheekbones are found to be more arrogant.

  • The studies have determined that the more defined someone’s cheekbones are, the more intense their personalities are due to high levels of testosterone.
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