8 Cosmic Reasons Why The Universe Sends People Into Our Lives

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We are sent many people during our lifetimes. Some of these people are meant to stay with us through it all and others are only here for a short while.

While we sometimes don’t truly understand why someone has to leave our lives especially when we want them to stay the lesson that those people teach us will remain with us forever. Sometimes the most amazing person comes swooping in at the perfect time and everything is as if it were magic and other times you may be facing someone so toxic you don’t know how to continue on existing but regardless, you are growing into who you were meant to be. universe, universe, universe

Below you will find a list of reasons why people come into our lives. I hope this list helps you to better understand our human connections and where this life is taking each of us. Just because you don’t see the reason yet doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.

8 Reasons Why The Universe Sends People Into Our Lives:

1. To Awaken Us Within

These are the people that make you question things. They sometimes become permanent and other times are only here for a little while but they help us find parts of ourselves. These people don’t even have to be people we like. universe, universe, universe

2. To Warm Our Hearts

These are the people who come to us when we are feeling down and out. They hold space for us and do small things that make a difference. These people are for the most part passing through and we never see them again but we think of them. universe, universe, universe

3. To Be There For Us

These are the people that become a permanent part of our lives. They are here for us through the things life throws our way. These are friends, family, and even lovers depending on the situation. They are our support system.

4. To Teach Us A Lesson

These are the people that we learn from. Sometimes these lessons are hard to handle and sometimes the people attached to them are far from kind. It just depends on what the universe is trying to teach you.

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