8 Daily Habits That Are Making Your Work-Life Balance Goals Unattainable

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I’ve been on my own path toward work-life balance for almost a year now. I’ve learned that it is a very delicate balance to achieve without destroying the success you’ve experienced at work.

This highlights a common work-life balance dilemma. Sometimes, the very things that make you successful in one part of your work and life might have unintended work-life balance consequences. How do you reconcile that to keep your successes but get some balance?

I’ve spoken with a lot of working parents, business owners, employees, and leaders in a lot of different companies and have identified eight daily habits that, without careful reflection and consideration for appropriate change, can make work-life balance unattainable.

Here are the eight traps and some solutions:

1. The trap of the superhero syndrome

This is about the detrimental effects of thinking you can do everything.

Solution: Practice ruthless prioritization. Most of us can actually pile it all on our backs and get it done. Some of us have achieved success in our careers because of that ability.

The collateral damage is to our work-life balance, though. I implemented the “rule of three” to force prioritization on only mission critical things on the work and life fronts.

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