9 Things No Woman Can Miss About a Man’s Looks

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3. Walk and posture

An energetic, ambitious, and confident walk attracts women because it shows that the man is successful, he feels that he is the boss, and he knows how to deal with trouble.

A man who is always looking down, doesn’t keep his back straight, doesn’t lift his feet high enough, at a subconscious level looks like a person with problems. It looks like this is not the best period in his life so he is unlikely to make a woman happy in a relationship.

4. Body

Most women like men whose body looks like an inverted triangle: wide shoulders, narrow hips, and a tight belly. Such a body is a signal for a woman that she met a tough, strong, and healthy man who can protect her and her future children.

This sheds light on the theory which says that men get fat in marriage because women try to feed them better and make them fatter and less attractive to other women. However, research shows that a happy marriage leads to gaining weight for both men and women.

5. Shoes

Men shouldn’t underestimate such an important part of their image as shoes. Women have enough time to give shoes a good look, just like clothes and the body. Torn, dirty, and dusty shoes show that the owner is not tidy at all if he doesn’t pay much attention to the way he looks.

Some men even have a habit of not wearing socks at all. It looks quite strange when you can see a naked leg under the pants. As it turns out, the choice of shoes can tell a lot about the owner.

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