9 Tips From Secret Agents to Help You See Right Through People

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If you notice that someone is acting somewhat out of the ordinary, pay closer attention to them. How does this person interact with others in the room? Does their facial expression change? What about their pose and their body language?

Look at the person’s eyes: if their pupils are dilated, then they’re likely to be into you. However, that’s only true if the person is genuinely smiling and looking back at you directly. If they’re looking sideways and their smile is only touching their mouth, then be careful: you’re being lied to.

The mirror neurons located in the brain reflect the condition of our minds. For example, a smile activates muscles that are responsible for a happy facial expression. When we frown, we show our dissatisfaction.

When we look at someone we like, we give a signal to our facial muscles to relax. If that person’s face doesn’t “answer” you in the same way, this person is sending you a message: either they don’t like you, or they don’t like something you did.

The strongest person isn’t always the one who sits at the head of the table. A self-confident person, as a rule, has a strong voice (not to be confused with a loud voice).

Often, the leader of a group is a weak personality who to a large degree depends on others. Determine who in a group of people has the strongest voice, and your chances of success increase.

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