9 Weird AF Celebrity Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

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4. Kim Kardashian’s Wrinkle-Free Undereyes

We were surprised to hear that the secret to Kim Kardashian’s bright undereye isn’t just her new concealer kits, but is a $6 hemorrhoid cream; Preparation H. Kim’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic said he uses it to tighten her undereye and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It really does work as it restricts the blood vessels, reducing redness and it also contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient that’ll get rid of any puffiness. Don’t use it every day though, as it can dry out your skin: we like to add it to our moisturizer to make it less potent and smell better.

5. Salma Hayek and Blake Lively’s Luscious Locks

Salma Hayek and Blake Lively have revealed that instead of using their favorite condiment on their french fries, they use it as a hair mask! Salma apparently uses mayonnaise, which contains hair-healthy ingredients like egg, lemon juice, and vinegar, to boost her shine and lock in moisture. Blake, who was taught the mayonnaise hair hack by her mother, also uses Tomato Ketchup as a toner to color correct her blonde locks if they ever have an ashy or green tint. Just apply the Mayonnaise or Tomato Ketchup directly onto the hair from root to tip and shampoo it off 15 minutes later. Gross, but kinda genius!

6. Miranda Kerr’s Long Lashes

Miranda Kerr doesn’t bother spending her money on eyelash curlers, she uses a metal spoon instead! Just place the spoon on your lid, cupping the natural curved shape of your eyelid and then apply your mascara. Not only does it make sure you never get any mascara on your lid, it’s the perfect solution for when you’re traveling and you’ve left your curlers at home.

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