9 Weird AF Celebrity Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

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7. Margot Robbie’s Perfect Pout

Margot Robbie told ELLE magazine she never uses lip balm as she believes they contain additives that dry out your lips, therefore forcing you to continually purchase more and more lip balm in order to “soothe” them. She actually has a point, as some lip balms contain dehydrating ingredients phenol and menthol, so check the ingredient list to make sure you avoid these. Instead, she uses Bepanthen (which is used to repair nipples of breastfeeding mothers) for a hit of hydration that’ll actually heal.

8. Kate Hudson’s Stunning Complexion

Ever tried giving yourself a facial with icy water for the ultimate glow? Kate Hudson has! It sounds intense, but it instantly revives your skin, reduces swelling, and tightens your pores. Just place some ice in a bowl with water, then dunk your face in for 30 seconds. It sounds painful but it’s actually so refreshing! Find out how it works, here.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Glossy Mane

We’ve all heard that champagne showers do great things for our hair, but pouring beer onto our locks is definitely something new. As demonstrated by Catherine Zeta-Jones (remember that Mask Of Zorro scene?), it does work. Once the beer dries, the residue of hops and barley gives your hair more body and volume. All you do is cover your hair from root to tip in beer and wash it off with shampoo 20 minutes later.

We told you they were a little out of the box but we promise it’ll be worth it!

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