A Guy Discovered a Life Hack Book From the 1960s, Tried It Out Today, and Saw Awesome Results

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It seems like only yesterday that we started watching 5-minute-craft videos on social media, proving to be total life-savers. But did you know that there’s a book dating back to the 1960s filled with 1,001 life hacks? Someone on YouTube that goes by the username, Household Hacker found that book and gave it a try!

JustKooki.com has gathered 12 of these old-time life hacks from the Household Hacker’s YouTube channel to reveal whether or not they still hold true decades later. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. The magnetic paintbrush cleaner

After doing some painting, it is important to keep your paint brushes clean and sturdy for the next use. Cleaning them can be a lot of trouble, especially when you’ve used paint that’s oil-based, and it’s important to keep the bristles from becoming overly sticky or bent. Once this happens to the paint brushes, they are pretty much useless. When that happens, this life hack proves to be a game changer. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Place a magnet at the edge of a glass. When it is hanging from both sides, stick the paintbrush to the magnet and push the magnet from the outside to clean it against the glass without the bristles touching the bottom. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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