Airlines Will Never Lose Your Baggage if You Use These 10 Tricks

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Losing baggage is a nightmare for any tourist. found 10 recommendations that will help you make sure you and your belongings stay together. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Get rid of old labels immediately

If you adore collecting stickers on your suitcase and reminiscing about your travels, you risk not getting your baggage one day because it’ll fly away by mistake. Better stick a name tag on your suitcase: this will greatly facilitate the search for your baggage in case it’s lost.

2. Check in early

As airport staff themselves say, baggage gets lost most often if you do a last-minute check-in. The later you check in, the greater the chance your bags won’t fly with you as they may simply not manage to get through the labyrinth of conveyor belts in time. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Ask the staff to stick a “Fragile” label on your baggage

It’s a known trick on the Internet: tell the staff at the counter that you have really fragile items in your suitcase, and it will get a special label along with promises that they’ll take particular care of it.

4. Don’t overstuff your suitcase

By their own confession, baggage handlers sometimes make a game out of it. “In the hold of the plane, we would throw the suitcases to each other from the belt to stacking them up. We throw them to each other as hard as we can. We don’t want to break the bags or cases, but you can imagine that it is not exactly beneficial to the bag.” Therefore, the heavier your bag, the more damage it would receive.

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