All the New Horror Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix Before Halloween

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From standard teen slashers to cult classics and a horrifying baking show, here’s everything you’ll be streaming this fall.

Shocktober starts in September this year thanks to Netflix, which is launching its fall slate of scary streamables on Friday the 28th. From classics like The Shiningto brand new series like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix has so much spooky content coming that you won’t have to leave the physical and emotional comfort of your covers until spring. Here’s all the horror that’s new on the streaming service this month. horror movie reviews, horror movie reviews

Hold the Dark (9/28)

There’s lots to be afraid of in Murder Party director Jeremy Sauliner’s violent new wilderness horror film set in rural Alaska, Hold the Dark. Jeffery Wright, a.k.a. Bernard from Westworld, is enlisted by a mother to hunt down the wolves that took her child. Based on this Netflix Original’s trailer, the wolves are pretty scary, but the woman’s husband (Alexander Skarsgård) might be the most terrifying part. See the trailer here. horror movie reviews, horror movie reviews

The Shining (10/1)

Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film is so frightening that making it was “almost unbearable ” for actress Shelley Duvall. For some, this fact adds to Stanley Kubrick’s expertly-crafted atmosphere of paranoid, chilling horror and Jack Nicholson’s unhinged acting. For others, it may be a reason to skip. horror movie reviews, horror movie reviews

Truth or Dare (10/3)

Truth or Dare is part of the latest deluge of unabashedly campy Blumhouse Productions horror flicks. It’s like It Follows or The Ring or Final Destination but instead of sex, videotape, and death’s sense of balance, contagious magical violence is spread by a deadly game of, as the title suggests, truth or dare. There’s gore, teens torturing each other, and lots of inventive bodily harm, but the creepiest thing about this movie is the twisted way everyone’s faces contort when they’re possessed.

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