10 Reasons Why Car Buyers Need A Camaro (And 10 Why They Should Avoid)

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The Camaro is the kind of car that everyone knows. You’ve seen it on the streets, you know what it looks like, and you can probably identify it by sight. Even if you aren’t interested enough to know the different models by year, you have some kind of understanding of what a Camaro is and what it looks like.

Naturally, then, you might be interested in buying one for yourself. But as with any car, there are pros and cons to consider before you make a choice. Is the Camaro the best American can ever built? The answer to this question is no – and that’s why it is important to make a measured and deliberate decision based on all of the facts.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered the most essential facts and figures here for you. If you want to be given a reason to buy a Camaro, then we’ve got 10 here for you. On the other hand, if you need a reason to be talked out of it, we’ve also got 10 reasons why you should steer clear. Make sure to weigh up all of these ideas before you come to a conclusion in your head – and let us know in the comments whether you are for or against buying a Camaro once you do.

Let’s get started, then: should you buy a Camaro, or not, and why?

10. Con: Used Models Are Often Driven Hard

If you were thinking about buying a used Camaro, then you might not like what you’re about to read. Camaros are often driven hard, which means that by the time they come to be sold as used, they are already pretty beaten up. This means reliability may suffer, and there may be areas which require repair or replacement sooner than you might expect in a model which has been driven sensibly. Of course, if you’re planning to drive it hard yourself, this may not be something that worries you. It’s just a good idea to give the car a full once-over with your local garage before you commit to making a purchase, especially if you aren’t able to find out anything about the previous ownership.

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