20 Cars With Absolutely Garbage Interiors

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Car companies are putting in more and more effort on aesthetics by the day. Most modern cars come with really awesome interiors. They are also packed full of technology, with all types of exotic and detailed material that’s synonymous with European luxury vehicles. But every so often you are bound to bump into infuriating details that more often than not ruin the whole cabin.

For most car buyers, the vehicle’s interior isn’t really a factor to consider, and it plays no role in their choice of car. But many vehicle buyers are beginning to realize that they probably should have paid more attention to their vehicle’s details, including the interior design. This has probably happened to all of us, and you were probably left cursing. Well, at least next time you will make a more informed decision.

The truth of the matter is your vehicle’s interior matters almost as much as its exterior. It’s dumb to concentrate too much on the exterior and forget that for as long as you are on the road, you will spend all your time inside the car, not outside it.

While most new model vehicles have really awesome interiors, some manufacturers clearly need a few lessons on interior design. If you are wondering what vehicles have the worst interiors, we compiled a list of 20 cars with absolutely garbage interiors.


Own a fifth generation Camaro? If you do, then you probably know what we are going to say next. The interior of the current Chevrolet Camaro is cheap at first glance. It’s also laden with plastic. But what really makes it distasteful is that it’s got really poor visibility. In Chevrolet’s defense, they were trying to make the vehicle more masculine, and in so doing they reduced all the windows to letter boxes. The Camaro has always been a symbol of American Muscle by its distinctive rumble and unique design, but Chevy’s choices on the interior just canceled all of that! While the outside of the car screams masculinity, the inside of it screams “I need a makeover!”

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