15 Celebrities Who Once Dealt Drugs for a Living

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7. Sam Hurd

He’s a famous football player in the NFL. It’s safe to say that his career as a football star is far more lucrative than his career as a drug dealer. Rumor has it that he once tried to not only work as a drug dealer but to be one that was quite the kingpen. It did not work out for him, as you can see, but it allegedly did not stop him from trying to be a hardcore dealer for quite some time.

8. Kid Rock

He’s not exactly known for being super clean and easy-going, and that’s why it’s probably not so surprising that he’s a former drug dealer. He was known in the past for being the go-to guy when someone needed something to help them feel good, and he’s also been pretty open about the fact that he still uses a lot of substances to this day. He’s not exactly a clean guy, but he’s an honest one.

9. Frank Ocean

He’s a famous songwriter for many famous celebrities, including Beyonce. But that doesn’t mean he’s an innocent man by any means. Before Ocean made it famous penning the biggest hits by our favorite singers, he was in the business of dealing drugs to those who were in the mood for some. We don’t know if he had any famous clients at any point, but we do know that he was someone who did hand them out to make a profit.

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