20 Celebrities With Disgusting Spending Habits

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Earning millions of dollars a year makes it awfully temping for Hollywood stars to throw away their money on lavish and expensive items. From designer shoes to exclusive handbags that cost more than most people’s vehicles to vacation homes, luxury yachts and private planes, many celebrities are used to a very luxe lifestyle, and with good reason. However, not all celebs spend their money on things that are so excessive. Some live very modest lifestyles when their income is taken into consideration. However, some celebs have pretty disgusting spending habits, and it’s quite interesting how they choose to spend their money.

1. Charlie Sheen

He’s probably the man with the most disgusting spending habits around, even if we don’t have a specific dollar amount that details his spending habits. All I’m going to say about this one is that he uses his millions of dollars to buy hookers, prostitutes and strippers, and he spends a lot on hotel rooms and liquor to go with those things. It’s not the best way to spend your money, in my opinion. He could spend it little differently, perhaps on his children or on rehab.

2. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

At one point this kind of gross celebrity couple was worth about $10 million, but they’ve spent almost all of it on things that they could not afford. Apparently they thought that this kind of money lasts a lifetime, and spending $35,000 per month on a house in Malibu was a good idea among others. They spent their money on things that they could not afford, and it got the best of this couple.

3. Jay-Z and Beyonce

We are all about spending your money the way you see fit, especially when you have almost a billion dollars to share. But we still have to draw the line somewhere, and that is on sequined leggings that cost $100,00, which is what Beyonce likes to wear. I’m all about spending hundreds on one bottle of champagne or good wine, or even thousands on shoes when you have that much money to spend, but leggings? First and foremost, no one should wear leggings with sequins. And you can buy plain ones at Nordstrom for $30. Just saying.

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