20 Celebrities With Disgusting Spending Habits

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4. MC Hammer

He’s not worth nearly as much now as he was back in the day, and that’s because he has some very poor spending habits. He managed to blow through tens of millions of dollars and leave himself with very little thanks to his insane purchases, which included things like homes and cars and even helicopters. It wasn’t long before he realized he had very little left to call his own, and that’s when he had to cut back his spending tremendously.

5. Nicholas Cage

He’s not spending money anymore thanks to the fact that he’s broke, but we can see why. And perhaps other celebs should learn a thing or two from him. He owned things like 50 sports cars, two yachts, several homes, and he even spent more than a quarter million dollars on a dinosaur skull at an auction once, and that’s why he’s broke now. With so many elaborate purchases to his name, it’s no wonder why he has nothing left.

6. Drake

The famed singer is not doing too badly in terms of his net worth, but some of his spending habits are disgusting. In fact, he just spent $50,000 at a strip club, and we think that might make it to the top of our most disgusting purchases list. That’s not something that he should be proud of. In fact, it’s not something he should even do. But if you have money and you want to spend it, it is yours to spend and no one can really say anything to you about it.

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