20 Celebrities With Disgusting Spending Habits

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7. Justin Bieber

We are all about spending your money the way that you see fit, but when it entails spending more than $400,000 just on one date night to watch a movie that came out into theaters before you were even born, we have to draw the line. That money would be better spent on things like a savings account or retirement plan. However the Biebs likes to live it up, even if that includes spending nearly half a million dollars on dinner and a movie (Titanic) in the Staples Center for Selena Gomez.

8. Shaq

He’s one of the most famous basketball players of all time, and he’s quite wealthy. He can spend his money how he sees fit, but we can’t see how he’s going to keep up his lifestyle when his expenses total more than $1 million per month. PER MONTH. That’s right; he’s spending $1 million per month on vacations, baby sitters, houses and everything else he loves and enjoys, and that seems a bit like too much money for a monthly expenditure.

9. Donald Trump

He’s been rich and not rich and rich again, and we’d think he’d learn to manage his money a little better. He has a cooler than chills his champagne that’s mobile that cost him more than $365,000. That’s a lot of money on a cooler, and that’s coming from someone who owns every Yeti cooling product under the sun, and we all know those don’t come inexpensive. It’s time to think of another way to cool the champs, Trumpster.

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