Create a Strong Cell Signal with this Unusual Hack

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Have you ever made an accidental discovery while doing something on purpose? It’s like finding your extra pair of glasses when you’re searching for the remote. Or better, like finding emergency cash in an old purse. Boom!

While doing the latest of online stunts – the bottle flipping challenge – Jordan Random happened across a useful phone hack. Many of history’s great inventions happened by unplanned chance, such as Velcro, X-rays, and the microwave. Jordan’s is right up there.

He poses the question: have you ever been stuck with 3G and without the 4G LTE icon? Why yes, I have. No one deserves to have choppy service considering the rates for some of these plans, yet sometimes we just accept it. But 3G, you are killing us softly with your unreliability. Delayed texts, dropped calls, broken up voices, and no internet is not what we want.

In this clip, Jordan shows us how to rig up one possible solution. An ordinary bottle of water became a cell phone signal booster by doing absolutely nothing but standing still. Place your phone on a flat surface and sit a bottle of water above its top. Next, switch your phone to airplane mode, which will disable WiFi and block any cell signals.

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