7 GENIUS Life Hacks Using Table Salt That Everyone Needs To Know!! #3 Is Epic

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4. Deoderize those funky-smelling boots!

Woof. Nothing is worse than stinky feet. Sprinkle some salt in your smelliest shoes at night and shake them out in the morning for fresher feet with zero effort.

5. Overwhelmed by bubbles while doing the dishes? Not anymore!!

A pinch of salt will make them disappear!

6. Soothe every wasp or bee-sting in a snap

This one will make you a real hit at your next family barbecue! In all seriousness, if you suffer a sting and are allergic you should see a doctor immediately, but if you just HATE bee stings like the rest of us, wet a compress with water and then cover the sting with salt. Epsom salt is ideal, but in a pinch table salt with soothe the burn as well.

7. Experiment with with salt and watercolor to create DRAMATIC textures!! This is fun for your kids, but you’ll find you just might find yourself inspired to start painting, too. Scroll down to the video and skip forward to 2:10 to see the magic that happens when salt meets watercolor…

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