7 Gross Things That Happen To Your Body Right After You Drink

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It’s no secret that when you drink alcohol, your body goes through a lot of changes, but when you’re out at happy hour, you’re probably not thinking too deeply about all that’s going on. However, what happens to your body after drinking alcohol shouldn’t be overlooked, even if you knock back just a few beverages. Alcohol can disrupt both your body and brain, and as a result of this, your regular bodily functions can be thrown out of whack, with everything from your digestion to your skin being affected. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Because alcohol is such a small molecule, it does not have to be digested, family physician Navya Mysore, MD, tells Bustle. “It can therefore pass through the stomach lining really easily. When your stomach is empty, it gets absorbed into your blood stream right away. If you have alcohol with meals and the meal is heavy in protein and fat, it slows down the absorption and can hold off some of the immediate effects that occur with alcohol consumption.”

Everyone’s body reacts to alcohol differently, but you might be surprised to find that there are some changes happening in your body post-drinking that you had never even thought of. Here are seven possibilities of what can happen after you drink, according to experts. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Bad Breath/Body Odor

Alcohol can lead to a number of unpleasant smells in the body, ranging from bad breath to body odor and gas. “Alcohol irritates the stomach, and that can lead to problems such as smelly gas and diarrhea as well,” family and emergency medicine doctor Janette Nesheiwat, MD , tells Bustle. “In addition to bad breath, it’s common to have a foul smelling burping too, a bizarre body odor, and urine odor.”

2. Weakened Immune System

Binge drinking can have immediate effects on your immune system. A study published in the journal Alcohol found that within just two hours of drinking, young adults who drank up to five shots of vodka had less active immune systems than when they were sober. “It can also make you more prone to catching a cold, spitting up mucous/phlegm, runny nose, cough etc., as normal hygiene is usually not maintained as well when one has been drinking,” Dr. Nesheiwat says.

3. Dry Skin

Your skin health can also suffer as a result of drinking. “Discoloration to your skin and dry, cracked skin can occur because alcohol acts as a diuretic and can dry out the skin,” Dr. Nesheiwat says. Alcohol can exacerbate common skin diseases such as psoriasis and sometimes rosacea, and it even can cause flushing in people who don’t suffer from specific conditions, according to Everyday Health.

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