7 Gross Things That Happen To Your Body Right After You Drink

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4. Bloating And Indigestion

A night of drinking can lead to all sorts of tummy troubles. “The sugar levels in alcohol, no matter if it’s beer, wine or hard liquor, can make us feel bloated, gassy or have indigestion,” Dr. Mysore says. “It can also lead you to have swollen feet and hands, as alcohol can trigger your body to retain more water.”

5. Sweating

If you’ve ever found yourself particularly sweaty and warm after a night out, it’s not just in your head. “Alcohol dilates blood vessels as it enters the bloodstream and causes greater flow of blood to the skin surface,” Dr. Mysore says. “This can cause blushing, feeling warm, and sweating, and then to compensate, there’s a rapid body temperature decrease.”

6. Heartburn

Since alcohol irritates the stomach, it makes it more likely that you experience heartburn. “Some people experience GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease aka heart burn) due to the irritation, and in worse case scenarios, an ulcer can form,” Dr. Nesheiwat says. Drinking smaller quantities of alcohol can help limit the likelihood that you experience heartburn as a result of drinking.

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