If The Body Gives The Following 8 Signals, The Kidneys May Be In Trouble

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#5. It’s hard for you to sleep well – insomnia may occur because waste products stay in the body instead of being removed through the urine. A close link was also found between chronic kidney dysfunction, sleep apnea and obesity.

#6. Your legs are swollen – do you remember that kidneys play a great role in regulation of electrolytes? So, when they lose ability to function properly, sodium is detained in the body, resulting in fluid retention and swelling in the feet and ankles.

#7. You suffer from muscle cramps – changes in electrolyte balance is one of the most common problems, associated with kidney failure. For example drop of calcium level and uncontrolled phosphorus circulation may be responsible for spasms and aching in the muscles.

#8. You feel sick all the time – buildup of toxic agents can cause nausea, unpleasant mouth taste and even vomiting. These symptoms usually appear, when kidney dysfunction progresses and reaches advanced stage.

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