If You Have These 9 Small Habits, It’s a Sign You Grew Up With A Toxic Mom

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2. You Tend To Jump To Conclusions

If you’re in the habit of jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst of people, it may have something to do with how you were raised.

“When you have a toxic mom, you are on the receiving end of a lot of manipulative behavior and you may have come to expect that from other people,” Dr. Odessky says.

This can make having healthy relationships difficult, but is something you can work on and begin to overcome in therapy.

3. You Need To Be Validated

If you grew up with a mom who didn’t offer enough support or attention — to the point it was toxic and neglectful — you may find yourself craving more validation as an adult.

Since you never got that assurance from your mom, “this will cause you to possibly begin to seek out attention in any way,” therapist Lakiesha Russell, LPC, tells Bustle. You might ask for others to assure you on a project you’re working on is great, Russell says. Or you may have other “attention seeking” habits, all as a way of feeling more secure.

4. You Find It Hard To Trust Yourself

Similarly, a lack of validation can also make it difficult to trust yourself and make decisions as an adult.

“If you are not getting the validation of being good enough as a person, you may allow your insecurities to take over, which in turn may cause you to doubt yourself in making sound decisions,” Russell says.

This is something you can learn to overcome, however, possibly with the help of a therapist.

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