15 Jaw-Dropping Life Hacks That’ll Help You In A Pinch

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What does a poor fool like me do when something annoying pops up out of nowhere that puts a roadblock in my day? Usually kick and scream a little and attempt to move on.This happens to me a little too often, but, over time, I’ve learned a ton of little hacks and tricks that have helped me in a pinch.Here are a few that I’ve picked up along the way…

1. Tacos will be the end of me, I swear. They’re so delicious but difficult to handle at the same time.

“Use a fork to balance your taco while you fill it up,” wrote Reddit user bugs.

2. Talk about being in a pinch, there’s nothing worse than having your loins blasted with cold water while you do your business.

Simply cover up that fancy movement sensor with some toilet paper and you’ll have a more satisfying experience.

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