Jennifer Lopez Does What With Her Coffee?! 12 Celebs With Incredibly Weird Food & Drink Habits

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We don’t quite know what it is about fame that makes an individual suddenly decide to go off the rails and experiment with (or just completely make up) weird dietary restrictions. (Looking at you, Tom Brady.) Is it the pressure of the spotlight? The need to stand out? Boredom? Whatever the cause, it seems to be an epidemic no star can shake.

Take a look below at a dozen odd food-related celebrity habits that are just as weird as Brady’s (well ok, maybe not as weird, but really weird).

1. Chrissy Teigen Licks the Seasoning Off Chips and Puts Them Back

“All of the flavor, none of the carbs.” That’s how Teigen justifies her habit of licking the seasoning off Doritos. We wouldn’t really make such a big deal of this were it not for the fact that she also PUTS THE SEASONLESS, CHEESELESS CHIPS BACK IN THE BAG. But hey, it’s Chrissy’s bag! (Sorry, John Legend? Although let’s be real, there are probably plenty of other food options in your kitchen.)

2. Jessica Alba Drinks Salt Water

Dolphin/actress Alba says that after particularly difficult workouts she likes to add “a pinch of pink Himalayan salt” to her drinking water in order to replenish her naturally low blood sugar and blood pressure. It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t care much for water that tastes like a mouthful of ocean, any Gatorade-style drink will get you the same results.

3. Tim Tebow Takes His Coffee In A Crazy, Complicated Way

Here’s how he describes it to Delish: A cup of half-regular/half-decaf coffee (Tebow doesn’t want too much caffeine) along with some butter, a tap of heavy organic whipping cream, unsweetened almond milk, and few drops of English Toffee flavored Stevia. Start drinking this concoction and you too could have the best selling jersey in minor league baseball.

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