Scientists Reveal How to Tell a Person’s Character by the Shape of Their Hands

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Every day we learn something new about ourselves. Kay Packard, head of American Academy of Hand Analysis, is sure that our palms can say lots of things about us — and it’s not something esoteric. The Academy experts came to the conclusion that each finger has its own particular meaning. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at are here to share the results of their research with you.

1. Determine your strong hand

This is simple: you’re either right- or left-handed. Your lead hand’s palm and fingers reflect your business and personal qualities, while the fingers on your other hand tell about your attitude to your close ones. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Determine your strong and weak fingers

Every person has strong and weak fingers, and the stronger some of them are, the more expressed are certain traits of your character. If a finger is bent, leaning to another one or forward, or can’t do certain things, it’s weak. If a finger is long and straight, then it’s strong.

  • A strong thumb on your lead hand says that you’re striving for success in your profession.
  • A strong index finger tells about your interest in power, strength of character, and shrewdness.
  • The middle finger is your responsibility, efficiency, confidence, growth, and wisdom.
  • Your ring finger is your artistry and self-expression.
  • The little finger depicts your communicative skills.

Example: If you have a strong thumb and middle finger on your lead hand, then you’re probably an efficient, responsible, and professional person who is not about to fulfill only his or her ambitions.

3. Note the shape of your fingertips

  • A round shape speaks of your wish to be at peace with others and your fear of disapproval.
  • Square and flat fingertips mean that you’re precise and dislike uncertainty.
  • Shovel-shaped, broad tips tell all about your favor of ingenuity and dislike of beaten paths.
  • A sharp shape says that you like quitting practical activities in favor of unusual and esoteric ones.
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