Scientists Reveal How to Tell a Person’s Character by the Shape of Their Hands

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4. Look at the gaps between your fingers

Place your hands on a flat surface or hold them in front of you comfortably.

  • If your fingers are wide apart from each other, you’re probably independent and fond of experiments.

  • If your fingers are closely set, you are prudent, careful, and possibly self-contained.

  • If your ring and middle fingers are apart, you’re hard to influence. If they are close to each other, you tend to live up to social expectations and follow the rules.

  • Look at the distance between your ring and little finger. If the gap is wide, then you tend to avoid serious talks and decisions, which has an impact on both your work and home relationships. If it is average (compare with a friend’s hand), you are probably an independent thinker with a flair of adventurousness about you.
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