What to Do When You See a Snake and How to Tell If It’s Venomous

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3. Most venomous snakes have a triangular shaped head wider than their necks. Non-venomous snakes’ heads are usually rounded.

4. Venomous snakes usually have a single row of scales at the end of their tails while non-venomous ones have a visible line separating 2 rows of scales at the end of their tails.

5. Venomous snakes often have bright colors and can also hiss, rattle (rattlesnakes) or behave aggressively. The exceptions are scarlet kingsnakes and milk snakes.

6. Vipers and grass snakes look like each other but you can distinguish them by the following signs: a grass snake has a yellow collar around its neck while a viper has a dark zigzagging line down its back.

7. If a snake has a diamond-shaped pattern on its skin or it has 3 colors, it’s usually venomous.

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